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                      www.jiexunwang.com Management
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                    Important announcement:2013年3月10日智能學習電腦SC-9200型在全球同步上市!
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                       Sichuang Electronic Co. LTD of Shenzhen founded in 2001 on April 16, is the collection of various kinds of electronic products research, development, production and sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises, is China famous brand enterprises, the national product quality, the prestige double safeguard demonstration unit focus on the protection of Chinese quality wan lixing brand enterprise. Head belong to the ministry of education of China teaching equipment industry association member companies, our products are enjoying high reputation in the national education. The company's assets is strong, powerful, broad prospects for development, with emphasis on the policy of 1, 2, 4, development policy, a center: with economic benefit as the center; Two basic points: scientific and technological innovation, marketing innovation; The four cardinal principles: technology as the core, take the market as the guidance, take the quality as the fundamental, to serve for the purpose.

                       The products of the company won the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China, more than 10 provincial education administrative departments, and more than one hundred cities as administrative departments of education jointly recommended for use in the national primary and middle school students focus on. There are one thousand eight hundred schools and one thousand eight hundred students in the use of our products, product passed appraisal of achievement of ministry level. Products according to the demand of global customers to develop it into a different language versions of different parts of the country, the products have been exported to USA, Mexico, Germany, France, Japan, Russia, Spain, South Korea and so on more than 10 countries and regions.

                       Make learning easier, making the first brand of education of China, we sincerely wish to cooperate with each unit together hand in hand, sincere cooperation and common development, strive for the modern education of global business.

                    company's General manager   Company headquarter Reception   Company conference room
                    Company's technical director   3000平方米自動化生產區   2000平方米現代化職員辦公區
                    Products in Beijing Exhibition   Products in Guangzhou Exhibition   Products in Shanghai Exhibition
                    600余平方米高級管理職員辦公區   1000平方米老化實驗區   Company customer service center
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                    Address:Baoan district songgang street tantou community furong road,Baoan peach garden science and technology innovation park (matsuoka Branch park) A-11B
                    Copyright:Sichuang Electronic Co. LTD of Shenzhen  Record:粵公網安備:44030602001347號  Telephone:0755-27835726 27835736 27835001  Fax:0755-27835696
                    Customer Service Center Tel:0755-27866789  Complaints Tel:0755-27866956  E-mail:sichuang@szscdz.com  QQ:349819517
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