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        中文版 Alibaba English
         Gear Series
         Gearbox Series
         Mower Series
         Pump Series
         Generator Series
         Parking lock Series
         Gasoline Engine Series
         Transmission Series
        Xingzhou Mechanical
        Linxiang Industry & Trade
        ※Taizhou “Quality Believable Enterprise”
        ※ Zhejiang “Site Management Qualified”
        ※ Zhejiang “Key Private-owned & Township Business Enterprise”
        ※ Ministry of Agriculture “National Enterprise-Management Quality Target”

        WenLing Minghua Gear Co.,LTD was established in 1992, evolved by Wenling Minghua Gear Co., Ltd, a private enterprise which was built in 1992. The company is located in the rich and beautiful Wenling city along the East Sea Shore. It is adjacent to Taizhou Harbor in the east which passes through Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway. The factory covers an area over 200 thousand square meters, owns 250 million fixed assets, with more than 1,300 staffs and 118 engineering technicians among which are one professor-level senior engineer and seven senior engineers.

        We have 9 series over 200 varieties of the products, gears and gearboxes which applied to automobile and agricultural auto. such as tractors, combines, rice-seedling transplant machine as well as other relevant mechanical parts. We also manufacture grass cutter, mini-generator and parts for windlass as well.

        We have strong superiority in routine technology such as in forging and pressing, machinery cutting, heat treatment etc., keeps ahead in cold to push technology, cold roll, hot finish forge and special hot treatment. These enable our products occupied 35% in the same products range, holding a leading position over the home market.
        Producing Capability: Our present producing capacity exceeds to 15 million pieces. Besides the leading products, gears, synchronizers and shafts produced by our full capital subsidiary company-Minghua Gear Co.,Ltd., we also have manufactured 50 thousands of windlasses as well as 80 thousands of medium sized gearboxes.
        There are 8 workshops in the factory:
        (1) Foundry workshop, which has the capacity of supplying grey cast iron and nodular cast iron over 3500 tons per year;
        (2) Forging workshop, which has the capacity of forging 25 thousands tons products, owns 15 sets of fricative press with the pressure performance from 300T to1600T and 25 sets of mono shot press in closed type and 35 sets of other forging &amp; heating equipments;
        (3) Roughcast / Blanks workshop, possesses 50 sets of Universal CNC lathe, 100 sets of General CNC lathe and about 500 sets of other metal--cutting equipments;
        (4) Tooth profile workshop, holds 24 sets of YKX 3132M CNC high efficiency gear hobbing machine, 10 sets of YSL 5120 gear shaper machine, 12 sets of Y4232 CNC1 gear shaving machine and has high efficiency gear hobbing machine, general gears machine tool, spline cold rolled, cold hobbing machine etc. with the number of 350 sets;
        (5) Heat treatment workshop which meets the demands of technology requirements for gas cementation, carbonitriding, gas nitrogenized, quenching, hardened and tempered as we have product lines for continuous normalizing furnace, multi-purpose furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace and double-path heat treatment as well as single-path heat treatment;
        (6) Surface treatment workshop, dealing with zincifying, chromeplating, plastic spraying and finish baking;
        (7) Casing workshop, owns 45 sets equipments for casing and cast machining with the production capacity of 50 thousands per year;
        (8) Equipment maintenance workshop, which is responsible for refit and maintenance. To meet the fierce and changing market and to strive for the new growth points, we have had recruited new brains and professional staffs to built gearbox department, a new type heavy-duty truck is in the development right now.
        Our pursuit is to strengthen the enterprise by the A-list technology, to make the high-quality products.
        We are aiming at holding a leading position in home and keeping up with the world level. We have been certified by international quality system IS09001 in 2000 and IS09001: 2000 in 2002. Up to now, it has gained nearly a hundred titles of the national, provincial and municipal levels glories. There is a full array of well-appointed inspection facilities to guarantee the quality, such as large-scaled horizontal metallomicroscope, Micro-hardness tester, Spark spectrum analyzer, 3-D measuring machine, Gear composite error tester, 3-D gear measuring machine and Universal optical gauge (measurement error within 1μm,) etc.
        We warmly welcome friends all over the world to cooperate with us.
        Together, we cooperate; together, we benefit; together

        Copyright © Taizhou Minghua Industry & Trade Co.,LTD. ADD:Econonmic development zone, Wenling.Zhejian P.C.:317500
        Tel:0086-576-86513588 Fax:0086-576-86513751
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